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Interview with Don Of The Dead - November 2003

Interview with Don Of The Dead - November 2003

1. Oh My Gore : "Which is your favourite movie and why ?"
Most of my interest is in the 50's - 70's movies. The Universal monsters like "THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON" and "FRANKENSTEIN" were what got me into horror movies. But when I was a teenager I discovered H. G. Lewis and his brand of psychotic gore movies. "COLOR ME BLOOD RED" is a classic.
The 70's had MANY greats like "THE OMEN", "ROSEMARY'S BABY", "THE TEMPTER" and of course "THE EXORCIST". HAMMER HORROR ruled the 70's.
The 80's were OK but the genre moved from horror into more gore and that did not interest me as much.
2. Oh My Gore : "Which is the movie that you disliked the most and why ?"
Any "remake" tops the list of shit films. They just remade "THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE"...why? It was perfect. Hollywood even tried to do "PSYCHO". Are they nuts?
3. Oh My Gore : "Who is your favourite director and why ?"
Argento for horror. But one of my all time favorite scenes is in Bava's "DEMONS" where the chick falls over and the demon comes out of her back. Another one of my faves is in "BEAST WITHIN" (Dir. Mora) the beast punches through the jail cell and tears off the guys head.
4. Oh My Gore : "Who is your favourite actor and why ?
Christopher Lee was the best Dracula but Vincent Price because his voice is frightening.
5. Oh My Gore : "Which scene scared you the most ?"
Well in "EVIL DEAD" when the pencil gets jabbed into the ankle that always hit me weird.
6. Oh My Gore : "Which band, according to you, symbolizes horror the best ?"
Doomstone is incredible !
7. Oh My Gore : "Which original Soundtrack do you like the most ?
"HALLOWEEN" hands down.
8. Oh My Gore : "Which movie poster do you like the most ?
9. Oh My Gore : "Freddy or Jason ?"
10. Oh My Gore : "What do you think about Oh My Gore ! ?"
Interesting. It makes perfect sense to combine the horror movies with horrible music.

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these words are like shit, everithing is old like the winter

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