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Interview with Will Rahmer - February 2004

Interview with Will Rahmer - February 2004

1. Oh My Gore : "Quel est ton film préféré et pourquoi ?"
I don't have one favorite movie I have 3: "THE SHINING", "CURTAINS", and "THE FOG".
Because they are true horror and not comedy and very creepy movies.
2. Oh My Gore : "Quel est le film que tu détestes le plus et pourquoi ?"
A movie called "REVENGE OF THE ZOMBIES", it was just total garbage. I think there was only one murder that was good in the movies and the box cover for the video was better than the movie.
3. Oh My Gore : "Quel est ton réalisateur préféré et pourquoi ?"
I like Dario Argento, Wes Craven, I like their style of making movies.
4. Oh My Gore : "Quel est ton acteur favori et pourquoi ?"
I think Jack Nicholson because I don't think he's really acting.
I think he's really insane!
5. Oh My Gore : "Quelle scène t'as le plus effrayé ?"
The bathroom scene in "THE SHINING", when Jack Nicholson was kissing the naked woman from the bathtub and she turned into a rotting hag.
I seen that when I was 10 years old in the movies and I never forgot it.
6. Oh My Gore : "Quel groupe, selon toi, symbolise le mieux l'horreur ?"
I think Impetigo as far as death/grind and Misfits as far as punk hardcore.
7. Oh My Gore : "Quel est la bande originale de film que tu aimes le plus ?"
8. Oh My Gore : "Quelle affiche de film aimes-tu le plus ?"
9. Oh My Gore : "Freddy ou Jason ?"
It's hard to choose, if I had to go with sheer brutality it would be Jason and creative ways of killing would be Freddy. You can't really compare them because they are two different styles.
10. Oh My Gore : "Que penses-tu d'Oh My Gore ! ?"
I'm going to check it out as soon as I finisth this interview, I'm sure it's going to be good !


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