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Mou gaan dou II


In the prequel of Infernal Affairs. Chan Wing Yan has been expelled from police academy in cause of his relatives to the triad. Now SP Wong give him a chance to undercover the triad family controlled by his half brother Hau. Besides of Ming. He has been ordered to killed Hau father and infiltrated the police department. The story get complicated when Wong's related to Hau father's dead. The avenge is begin when Mary. Sam's wife is the hit order. Now everything is complicated and related

Original Title : MOU GAAN DOU II
Director(s) : ,
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Length : 119 min | 110 min (TV)Year : 2003Country : Hong Kong | Singapore | ChinaLangage : Cantonese | English | Mandarin | ThaiCoulor : ColorRatio : 2.35 : 1
Sound : Dolby Digital
French Release : 2004-04-11US Release : 2004-10-01
Actors :
SP Wong Chi Shing (as Anthony Wong)
Hon Sam
Mary Hon
Ngai Wing Hau
Officer Lau Kin Ming
Chan Wing Yan
SP Luk
Kwun (as Joe Cheung)
Gandhi (as Ping Fong)
Mary (as Yu Chiu)
Socialites (as Shi Pin Ye)
Hung the Solicitor
Uncle John
Tsui Wai Keung
Cadet School Principal
Chung, Ngai's Brother (as Andrew Lien)
Hau's Sister (as Ying Hung Wai)
Superintendent Leung
Paul (as Chan Charoen Wichai)
Sergeant Chan (as William Tuen)
Billy (as Wing Hong Cheung)
Father Kwun's Bodyguard
Father Kwun's Bodyguard (as Kam Loi Kwan)
Father Kwun's Bodyguard
Hau's Button Man #1
Hau's Button Man #2
Hau's Button Man #3
Killer at Nightclub
Killer at Restaurant
Killer at HiFi Shop (as Tony Ho Fai Tai)
Killer at Lift Lobby
Killer on Motorbike (as Roger Li)
Killer in Thailand
OCTB Constable #1 (as Vincent Mo Chun Chi)
OCTB Constable #2 (as Tenny Kin Yung Tseng)
OCTB Constable #3
OCTB Constable #4 (as Frank Liu)
OCTB Constable #5
OCTB Constable #6 (as Simon Yuk Sun Cheung)
Sam's Button Man #1 (as Tang Tai Wo)
Sam's Button Man #2
Sam's Button Man #3
Sam's Button Man #4 (as Kwok Kit Lam)
Gandhi's Button Man #1
Gandhi's Button Man #2 (as Chi Shing Chow)
Gandhi's Button Man #3
Gandhi's Button Man #4
Negro's Button Man #1
Negro's Button Man #2
Negro's Button Man #3 (as Richard Kai Tung Yiu)
Negro's Button Man #4
Wah's Button Man #1 (as Siu Ming Lui)
Wah's Button Man #2 (as Chi Keung Lee)
Wah's Button Man #3
Wah's Button Man #4
Ching's Button Man #1
Ching's Button Man #2
Ching's Button Man #3
Ching's Button Man #4
Uncle John's Button Man #1
Uncle John's Button Man #2
Private Investigator #1 (as Ricardo Mamood)
Private Investigator
Kwun's Wife (as Auntie Luk)
Hau's Wife
Yee's Wife
Hau's Daugher
Boy with Funny Face (as Ken Ting Fung Li)
Gandhi's Wife (as Anna Yiu)
Negro's Wife
Wah's Wife (as Qing Yu Yan)
Ching's Wife
Superintendent #1
Superintendent #2
Superintendent #3
Superintendent #4
Inspector Calvin
Noodle Shop Owner (as Tung Lit Mui)
Gandhi's Button Man #5

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