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Filmography from Nathanael Leon

Filmography from : Nathanael Leon

Actor :

La venganza de las mujeres vampiro, Federico Curiel, 1970

La horripilante bestia humana, René Cardona, 1969
Female masked wrestler Lucy (who looks like the devil) beats the stuffing out of an opponent - a wrestling lady with a red costume like Catwoman. Lucy finally hurls her opponent from the squared circle and knocks her out cold. Although Lucy's cop boyfriend tries to convince her that it's all part of the show, Lucy can no longer handle the stress of wrestling. Meanwhile, a mad scientist (Dr. Krellman) attempts to cure his son's leukemia by doing...

Santo vs. las mujeres vampiro, Alfonso Corona Blake, 1962
A professor recruits a professional wrestler to protect his daughter from vampires intent on kidnaping her and marrying her to the devil....