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New Grindhouse Horror Film Coming in Winter 2007


New Grindhouse Horror Film Coming in Winter 2007

From the producers of Scarlet fry's Junkfood Horrorfest Starring Calico cooper (Alice cooper's daughter) Comes a New Anthology frightfest written, Produced & directed By Walter ruether & Laurence Holloway, Nightmare Alley Coming in the Winter of 2007 Will Star Jack grisham (lead singer of the legendary punk band TSOL) Grisham Is most Noted in The Horror Buisness for His contribution To the Soundtarck to the original Return of the living dead. Grisham also recently Starred in the theatrical release Of American Hardcore (A History of american punk) Which is now Available on DVD. Nightmare Alley is Filmed in the Same style As the old 1970's Grindhouse films which Has recently been revived By Robert rodriguez & QuintinTarintino In their Latest Grindhouse Films Planet Terror & Death Proof. Nightmare alley Promises to be Far Superior to Ruethers Last Film Junkfood Horrorfest which Features Calico cooper Who Can Also be seen in The upcoming Remake Of Halloween Directed By Rob Zombie Due to hit theatres in August 2007, "We are not saying we airent proud of Scarlet fry's Junkfood Horrorfest, Its Just we need people to know that Nightmare alley will be Much Better in Everyway Says Ruether" Scarlet fry's Junkfood Horrorfest Got a distribution deal With Brain damage films & will Hit stores in June/July of this Yr. & Again Your Ghoulish Host Mr Fry Promises Terror that begins where the sidewalk ends in nightmare Alley, You will will meet: Homeless Butchers, Punk Rock Seriel Killers, Chat room Ghosts who prey on the perverted, & Cowboy Zombies to name a few, These Gore Drenched Tales Will Also Be Hosted By Scarlet fry who will Take on a new look For this film, Which Also Features Keith Jackson From The Glass heroes Who Are currently working on a new Record Produced By Rat Scabies Of the Damned & Featured on the Soundtarck For Nightmare Alley Will be Grave Danger (Featured in the film Chainsaw salley & first Snow)

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dutch - /06/21 at 08:33
# 1 has more info & pics on this film

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