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A catatonic serial killer (James Duval) is put under a deep hypnosis in order to free his last victim and revive him into coming to terms with the sadistic sexual acts he is responsible for. An amnesiac detective searching for a serial killer finds out he is the prime suspect. Criminal psychiatrists and psychologists watch and listen to the mysteries unfold.

Original Title : NOIRLANDDirector(s) : Writer(s) : Ramzi AbedGenre(s) : Crime | Horror | Mystery Year : 2014Country : USA Langage : English | Czech | Chinese Coulor : Color Aka(s) :
World-wide (English title) (informal title) - Noirlandia
Actors :
James Duval Tiberius Malloy
Other c
Twink Caplan Dr Zelda Berman
Lloyd Kaufman The Doctor
Rena Riffel Elektra Wishnow
Lorielle New Polly
Ford Austin Detective Schiller
Wendy McColm Victoria Finn
Silvia Suvadová Molly
Lenora Claire The Baroness
Edwin A Santos Francisco
Elissa Dowling Penelope
Victor of Aquitaine Xerxes
Dennis Woodruff Pepe
Bianca Allaine Barnett The Woman Downstairs (as Bianca Barnett)
Jeff Dylan Graham Rex
Gregory Hatanaka Sho
Inga Van Ardenn The Shoe Goddess
Adam Meir Paolo Vadim
Martin Harris Wilhelm (as Martin William Harris)
Sean Cain Tyrone
Mary Jane Desirée
Hollie Stevens Tabitha
Paul Bunnell Marvy Marv
Jesse Hlubik Detective Gordon Leary
Maxim Esterkin Hugo Dremin
Rose Ghavami The Trembling Woman
Steven Man Mickey
Luke Y Thompson Ulysses
Clint Catalyst The Baron
Michael Lehr Cho
Tony TL Young Trang
Wissam Saliba The Interrogator (as Sam Saliba)
Esther Goodstein Camille
Douglas Dunning Zeus
Ken Cravens Max
Mehrnoush Michele Mahjobi Dorit Kessler
Madla Hruza Serafina Bach
Kara Michelle Hyatt Sandy Jenkins
Amie Nicole Dr Anoushka Berman
Alexander Lehr The Chauffeur
Eric Fleming Detective Kaye
Tirza Wohl Miranda
Warren Hong Ko
Zoetica Ebb The Temptress
Courtney Cruz Dream Girl
Alisa Shakhmayev The Temptress (as Zoetica Ebb)
Ron Libertus Ron
La Carmina Suspicious houseguest
Aldo Vento Mysterious Young Man

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