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Filmography from Percy Hogan

Filmography from : Percy Hogan

Actor :

Emanuelle e gli ultimi cannibali, Joe D'Amato (as Aristide Massaccesi), 1977

Anno zero - Guerra nello spazio, Alfonso Brescia (as Al Bradley), 1977
A strange signal arrives on the Earth disturbing all communications, while an ufo appears above the Antarctic sea. Captain Alex Hamilton is sent with his spaceship and crew to the space outside the Solar System to find the origin of that signal. They reach an unknow planet where a giant robot enslaved a whole population of humanoids by taking their psychic energies. The robot's got his eyes on the Earth, too... ...

L'uomo più velenoso del cobra, Bitto Albertini (as Albert J Walkner), 1971
A gangster seeks those who killed his brother. A series of murders follow....