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In the pilot of the television series _"Night Gallery" (1970)_ , Rod Serling introduces three separate paintings, each with its own story of uncanny vengeance against evil to tell. The first, "The Cemetery", involves a black sheep nephew (Roddy McDowall) who murders his rich uncle to inherit his fortune - both much to the detriment of the uncle's butler (Ossie Davis) - only to find that vengeance extends beyond the grave. In the second story, "Eyes", a rich, heartless woman ('Joan Crawford' ) who has been blind from birth blackmails an aspiring surgeon and a man who desperately needs money to give her a pair of eyes which will allow her to see for the first time - even though for only half a day's time - only to have the plan backfire on her in ways she never imagined. In the third story, "The Escape Route", a Nazi war criminal (Richard Kiley) is hiding from the authorities in South America, where he is confronted with his past demons and a curious Holocaust survivor (Sam Jaffe) and finds solace only in a serene painting in a museum, wanting nothing more than to enter into that world and stop running.

Original Title : PILOT
Director(s) : (segment 'The Cemetery'), (segment 'Escape Route'), (segment 'Eyes')
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : [Drama
US Release : 1969-11-08
Actors :
Miss Claudia Menlo (segment 'Eyes')
Osmund Portifoy (segment 'The Cemetery')
SS-Gruppenführer Helmut Arndt /Josef Strobe (segment 'Escape Route')
Jeremy Evans (segment 'The Cemetery')
Dr Frank Heatherton (segment 'Eyes')
Sidney Resnick (segment 'Eyes')
William Hendricks (segment 'The Cemetery')
Bleum (segment 'Escape Route')
Gretchen (segment 'Escape Route')
Carson (segment 'The Cemetery')
1st Agent (segment 'Escape Route')
Gibbons (segment 'The Cemetery')
George J Packer (segment 'Eyes')
Louis (segment 'Eyes')
1st Nurse (segment 'Eyes')
Doctor (segment 'The Cemetery')
Man in Car (segment 'Eyes') (uncredited)
Museum Patron (segment 'Escape Route') (uncredited)
Policeman on Horse (segment 'Eyes') (uncredited)
Artist (segment 'Eyes') (uncredited)
Museum Patron (segment 'Escape Route') (uncredited)
Bar Patron (segment 'Escape Route') (uncredited)
Self - Host (uncredited)
Bartender (segment 'Escape Route') (uncredited)

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