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PIXELS (2015)

In Pixels, when intergalactic aliens misinterpret video-feeds of classic arcade games as a declaration of war against them, they attack the Earth, using the games as models for their various assaults. President Will Cooper (Kevin James) has to call on his childhood best friend, '80s video game champion Sam Brenner (Adam Sandler), now a home theater installer, to lead a team of old-school arcaders (Peter Dinklage and Josh Gad) to defeat the aliens and save the planet. Joining them is Lt. Col. Violet Van Patten (Michelle Monaghan), a specialist supplying the arcaders with unique weapons to fight the aliens.

Original Title : PIXELS
Director(s) :
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Length : 105 minYear : 2015Country : USA | China | CanadaLangage : English | Hindi | JapaneseCoulor : ColorRatio : 2.35 : 1
Sound : Datasat| Dolby Digital| Auro 111| Dolby Atmos| Dolby Surround 71
French Release : 2015-07-22US Release : 2015-07-24
Actors :
President Will Cooper
Ludlow Lamonsoff
Matty Van Patten
Admiral Porter
Corporal Hill (SAS Officer)
First Lady Jane Cooper
1982 Championship MC
Sergeant Dylan Cohan
Mickey Lamonsoff
Lady Lisa
Professor Iwatani
Michael the Robot
Defense Secretary
President's Assistant Jennifer (as Jacqueline Sandler)
White House Junior Aide Jared
Navy Secretary
White House Press Secretary
CIA Chief
Serena Willams
Martha Stewart
Abusive Citizen
NY Police Commissioner
Colonel Devereux
White House Reporter #1
White House Reporter #2
White House Reporter #3
Lemonadie Sadie
Sweet Scout Girl
Arcader Choir Girl
Classroom Scout Girl
Classroom Scout Girl
Classroom Scout Girl (as Shea Joelle James)
Soccer Player
White House Gate Guard
Electric Dream Factory Repairman
13-Year Old Brenner
13-Year Old Cooper
13-Year Old Eddie
8-Year Old Ludlow
Little Boy on London Street
Samurai Gamer
Cyber Chick
Cyber Chick
Old Woman in London Apartment
Indian Teenage Boy
Indian Teenage Girl
New Reporter
Fighter Pilot
DARPA Scientist
TV News Anchor
Secret Service Man
Secret Service Man
Abusive Citizen
Abusive Citizen
Abusive Citizen
Sergeant Cohan's Mother
Arcade Employee
DC Valet
Press Person
Daryl Hall
John Oates
Max Headroom (voice)
Additional Character Voice (voice)
Additional Character Voice (voice)
Tattoo (voice) (uncredited)
Guest (uncredited)
Gamer (uncredited)
Bar Patron (uncredited)
Pedestrian (uncredited)
Bike Rider (uncredited)
White House Reporter (uncredited)
UKSF (uncredited)
Game Dude (uncredited)
Runner (uncredited)
Trumpet Player (uncredited)
Agent Lan16 (uncredited)
News Reporter (uncredited)
Presidential Ball Attendee (uncredited)
Navy Seal (uncredited)
Pedestrian (uncredited)
Reciting Child (uncredited)
Pedestrian (uncredited)
British Soldier (uncredited)
Girl in Store (uncredited)
Secret Service (uncredited)
Pedestrian /Jogger (uncredited)
Pedestrian (uncredited)
Arcader (uncredited)
National Guardsman (uncredited)
Girl (uncredited)
Navy Seal (uncredited)
Photographer (uncredited)
Courier (uncredited)
Guest (uncredited)
Girl on Bus (uncredited)
Girl on Bus (uncredited)
Motion Capture Performer (uncredited)
SWAT Team Member (uncredited)
White House Staff (uncredited)
Alien Madonna (archive footage) (uncredited)
Choir Kid (uncredited)
Lab Tech (uncredited)
NYC Pedestrian (uncredited)
Secret Service Agent (uncredited)
Pedestrian (uncredited)
DARPA Lab Technician (uncredited)
Alien Mr Roarke (archive footage) (uncredited)
Passerby (uncredited)
Runner (uncredited)
Choir Kid #4 (uncredited)
Soldier (uncredited)
White House Reporter (uncredited)
Government Official (uncredited)
Navy Seal (uncredited)
Grateful Passerby (uncredited)
Lab Technician (uncredited)
Alien Ronald Reagan (archive footage) (uncredited)
British Military Soldier (uncredited)
UKSF (uncredited)
Soldier (uncredited)
White House Guest (uncredited)
Ballroom Guest (uncredited)
Secret Service Agent (uncredited)
Extra (uncredited)
Prime Minister (uncredited)
Pedestrian (uncredited)
White House Reporter (uncredited)
Pac-Man Victim (uncredited)
UKSF (uncredited)
Dad (uncredited)
DARPA Tech (uncredited)
Guest (uncredited)
Alien Tattoo (archive footage) (uncredited)
Navy Seal (uncredited)
British Army Sargent (uncredited)
Girl in Arcade (uncredited)

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