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Filmography from Raj Lal

Filmography from : Raj Lal

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Warcraft, Duncan Jones, 2016
When the world of the Orcs of Draenor is being destroyed by the evil fel magic that uses life-force, the powerful warlock Gul'dan creates a portal to the world of Azeroth and forms the Horde with members of the Orc clans. He also captures many prisoners to keep the portal open. The king of Azeroth, Llane Wrynn and his brother-in-law, Anduin Lothar are informed by the apprentice of magician Khadgar that he has found fel magic in dead bodies and...

Man of Steel, Zack Snyder, 2013
A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not of this Earth. As a young man, he journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do. But the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world from annihilation and become the symbol of hope for all mankind....

2012, Roland Emmerich, 2009
Dr. Adrian Helmsley, part of a worldwide geophysical team investigating the effect on the earth of radiation from unprecedented solar storms, learns that the earth's core is heating up. He warns U.S. President Thomas Wilson that the crust of the earth is becoming unstable and that without proper preparations for saving a fraction of the world's population, the entire race is doomed. Meanwhile, writer Jackson Curtis stumbles on the same...

The Flash, Dermott Downs (9 episodes, 2014-2017), Stefan Pleszczynski (8 episodes, 2015-2020), David McWhirter (7 episodes, 2017-2019), Ralph Hemecker (6 episodes, 2014-2018), Glen Winter (5 episodes, 2014-2017), Alexandra La Roche (5 episodes, 2017-2020), Jesse Warn (4 episodes, 2014-2016), Rachel Talalay (4 episodes, 2016-2019), Gregory Smith (4 episodes, 2017-2019), Chris Peppe (4 episodes, 2018-2020), Millicent Shelton (3 episodes, 2014-2017), Kevin Tancharoen (3 episodes, 2015-2018), Rob Hardy (3 episodes, 2015-2017), JJ Makaro (3 episodes, 2015-2016), John F Showalter (3 episodes, 2015-2016), Hanelle M Culpepper (3 episodes, 2016-2018), Kevin Smith (3 episodes, 2016-2018), Armen V Kevorkian (3 episodes, 2016-2017), Brent Crowell (3 episodes, 2017-2020), Tom Cavanagh (3 episodes, 2017-2018), Philip Chipera (3 episodes, 2018-2020), David Nutter (2 episodes, 2014), Steve Shill (2 episodes, 2015), C Kim Miles (2 episodes, 2016-2018), Michael A Allowitz (2 episodes, 2016-2017), Harry Jierjian (2 episodes, 2017-2018), Sarah Boyd (2 episodes, 2018-2019), Rob Greenlea (2 episodes, 2018-2019), Viet Nguyen (2 episodes, 2018-2019), Danielle Panabaker (2 episodes, 2019), Marcus Stokes (2 episodes, 2019), Larry Shaw (1 episode, 2014), Douglas Aarniokoski (1 episode, 2015), John Behring (1 episode, 2015), Nick Copus (1 episode, 2015), Thor Freudenthal (1 episode, 2015), Wendey Stanzler (1 episode, 2015), Stephen Surjik (1 episode, 2015), Antonio Negret (1 episode, 2016), Alice Troughton (1 episode, 2016), Laura Belsey (1 episode, 2017), Nina Lopez-Corrado (1 episode, 2017), Andi Armaganian (1 episode, 2018), Kevin Mock (1 episode, 2018), Tara Nicole Weyr (1 episode, 2018), Jeff Cassidy (1 episode, 2019), Menhaj Huda (1 episode, 2019), Rebecca Johnson (1 episode, 2019), Chad Lowe (1 episode, 2019), Michael Nankin (1 episode, 2019), Kristin Windell (1 episode, 2019), Jeff Byrd (1 episode, 2020), Eric Dean Seaton (1 episode, 2020), Sudz Sutherland (1 episode, 2020), Amanda Tapping (1 episode, 2020), 4
Barry Allen is a Central City police forensic scientist with a reasonably happy life, despite the childhood trauma of a mysterious red and yellow lightning killing his mother and framing his father. All that changes when a massive particle accelerator accident leads to Barry being struck by lightning in his lab. Coming out of coma nine months later, Barry and his new friends at S.T.A.R labs find that he now has the ability to move at superhuman...