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Paris, 2042: a dark Rotoscope world of shadows and right angles. Ilona Tasuiev, a brilliant young scientist, is kidnapped, and her employer, Avalon, a major health and beauty corporation, wants her found. Karas, a jaded police captain, is assigned to find her, fast. He seeks help from her sister, Bislane, and they are soon uncovering identify theft, missing files, and hints that something back in 2006 may explain what's going on. Ilona's mentor, Avalon's vice president, a Japanese researcher, an underworld boss, and Bislane's drug connection all figure in the mix. So does an attraction between Karas and Bislane. What's behind the kidnapping? Who's the victim?

Original Title : RENAISSANCE
Director(s) :
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : [Animation
Year : 2006French Release : 2006-03-15US Release : 2006-09-22
Actors :
Barthélémy Karas (voice)
Ilona Tasuiev (voice)
Jonas Muller (voice)
Nusrat Farfella (voice)
Bislane Tasuiev (voice)
Paul Dellenbach (voice)
Karas (voice)
Bislane (voice)
Ilona (voice) (as Isabelle Van Waess)
Dellenbach (voice)
Muller (voice)
Amiel (voice)
Nurses (voice)
Parisian (voice)
Nayhib (voice)
Reporaz (voice)
Young Farfella (voice)
Parisian (voice)
Théo (voice)
Claud (voice) (as Raphael Fuchs Willis)
Security Force (voice)
Woman Hostage (voice) (as Radica Jovicic)
Vord Lover (voice)
Farfella's Woman (voice)
Little Girl with Balloon (voice)
Little Girl (voice)
Farfella's Security Force (voice)
Parisian (voice)
Montoya (voice)
Policeman (voice)
Nightclubber (voice)
Avalon's Hopstess (voice)
Nora (voice)
Homeless Man (voice)
Woeller (voice)
Nokata (voice) (as Robert Watson Barr)
Elderly Man (voice)
Elderly Woman (voice)
Farfella (voice)
Amiel (voice)
Reparez (voice)
Nora (voice)
Montoya (voice)
Naghib (voice)
Dimitri (voice)
Karas Boy (voice)
Farfella Boy (voice)
Administrator (voice) (as Wayne Forrester)
Avalon Woman (voice) (as Julia Brams)
Nustra Farfella (voice)
L'homme action A
Bislane Tasuiev (voice)
Jonas Muller (voice)
Pierre Amiel (voice)
Goran (voice)
Barthélémy Karas (voice)
Di Borgo Lieutenant Griffin (voice)
Paul Dellenbach (voice)
Ilona Tasuiev (voice)

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