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"ALYCE " (Jay Lee)


Par Lan le Samedi 05 Mai 2012

(Jay Lee)

REVIEWS - ALYCE  Jay Lee Click here to read our french "ALYCE" movie review, directed by Jay Lee with Jade Dornfeld, Tamara Feldman, James Duval starring.

Synopsis : Alyce, an introverted young woman, tries to console her friend, Carroll, after Carroll discovers her boyfriend has been cheating. The girls get drunk and take ecstasy before heading up to the roof of Alyce’s apartment building. Intoxicated and giddy, the girls start playing around but one drunken stumble later knocks Carroll off the ledge of the six-story building.

Panicked, Alyce returns to her apartment and begins to quickly unravel.

Miraculously, Carroll doesn’t die but is severely broken and unable to speak. Alyce lies about her involvement in the tragedy but it ceaselessly haunts her. She seeks refuge in drugs and more drugs, exchanging sexual favors to get and stay high. She loses sleep, her job, and soon, her sanity.

Until, that is, Alyce decides to take control of the situation. She puts an end to her anxieties of being discovered by suffocating Carroll. The sense of control she garners with this single act empowers her and she moves on for more. She kills the cheating boyfriend but finds that disposing of his body is more trouble than she’d bargained for. But it’s not a job that a blender, a microwave, a hack saw, a baseball bat, and a garbage disposal, can’t eventually take care of.

And then she goes off, quite rationally, to take control of the rest of her life and all of the people that have been controlling her.

Sortie US : 2013-05-24

Source : Oh My Gore !

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