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Filmography from Richard Chaves

Filmography from : Richard Chaves

Actor :

Dark House, Darin Scott, 2009
After being traumatized by a terrifying event in her youth, Claire Thompson (Ory) tries to come to terms with her demons by revisiting the old house where a terrible children's massacre took place. The hitch? The place is now being used as a haunted house attraction set up by Walston Rey (Combs). When the home, formerly run by the evil Miss Darrode (Salinger), is set to open for the press, Walston recruits Claire and a few of the folks she...

Predator, John McTiernan, 1987
Dutch and his group of commandos are hired by the CIA to rescue downed airmen from guerillas in a Central American jungle. The mission goes well but as they return they find that something is hunting them. Nearly invisible, it blends in with the forest, taking trophies from the bodies of it's victims as it goes along. Occasionally seeing through it's eyes, the audience sees it is an intelligent alien hunter, hunting them for sport, killing them...