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Filmography from Rob Bottin

Filmography from : Rob Bottin

Actor :

Les monstres de la mer, Barbara Peeters, Jimmy T Murakami (uncredited), 1980
Scientific experiments backfire and produce horrific mutations: halfman, halffish which terrorize a small fishing village by killing the men and raping the women....

Fog, John Carpenter, 1980
A Northern California fishing town, built 100 years ago over an old leper colony, is the target for revenge by a killer fog containing zombie-like ghosts seeking revenge for their deaths....

Le monstre qui vient de l'espace, William Sachs, 1977
"You've never seen anything til you've seen the Sun through the rings of Saturn," exclaims Alex Rebar. Apparently, somehow this causes him to start melting and eating people, such as a nurse in the tightest fitting nurse's outfit ever, a nerdy fisherman, a horny old couple who simply can't keep their hands off each other in a car. To save the day comes Doctor Ted Nelson!...