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Filmography from Samantha Fox

Filmography from : Samantha Fox

Actor :

Sharknado 5: Global Swarming, Anthony C Ferrante, 2017
As shark-infested storms grow stronger and more complex, the world braces for the inevitable - a global sharknado. This year, the mission gets personal for chainsaw-wielding leader Fin Shepard and his bionic wife, April, when their young son gets trapped in a sharknado and is transported all over the world. ...

Expiration, Alastair Orr, 2011
With no instructions and no supplies, the human lab rats must fend for themselves and figure out what part of the experiment each one is playing. When the corporation becomes aware that a pregnant intruder has infiltrated the facility, they send in armored guards to clean up the mess. However, loyalties are tested when the guards learn the truth about the experiments and begin to turn on the corporation. Hidden truths about the different players...

A Night to Dismember, Doris Wishman, 1989
A woman from a "cursed" family is released from a mental facility, and soon dismembered corpses start turning up....

Mystique, Roberta Findlay (as Robert W Norman), 1979
Is It Real... or is it the Ultimate Fantasy?......