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San taam

SAN TAAM (2007)

Original Title : SAN TAAM
Director(s) : , (as Wai Ka Fai)
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : Action, Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Length : 89 min | 89 minYear : 2007Country : Hong KongLangage : Cantonese | EnglishCoulor : ColorRatio : 2.35 : 1
Sound : Dolby Digital
French Release : 2008-03-05US Release : 2008-07-11
Actors :
Bun (as Lau Ching Wan)
Inspector Ho Ka-on
Ko Chi-wai (as Lam Ka Tung)
May Cheung
Wong Kwok-chu (as Lee Kwok Lun)
Gigi (as Karen Lee)
May Cheung - in Bun's eyes
Violent Man - Ko's Inner Personality (as Cheung Siu Fai)
Fatso - Ko's Inner Personality (as Lam Suet)
Calculating Woman - Ko's Inner Personality (as Lau Kam Ling)
The Chief
Cunning Woman - Ho's Inner Personality (as Jo Koo)
Policeman (as Yuen Ling To)
Weak Boy - Ho's Inner Personality (as Jonathan Lee)
Ko's Boss
Restaurant Manager
7-11 Worker (as Apple Chau)
Ko's Colleague
Ko's Inner Personality (as Hung Wai Leung)
Ko's Inner Personality
Ko's Inner Personality (as Chiu Chi Shing)
Ko's Colleague
Ko's Inner Personality (as Lu Ching Ting)
Naresh Sharma
Naresh Sharma's inner personality
Inspector Ho Ka-on (voice)
May Cheung (voice)
Gigi (voice) (as Ivy Pany)
Mahjong Parlour Customer (uncredited)
Mahjong Parlour's Staff (uncredited)
Cop (uncredited)

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