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Filmography from Sara Botsford

Filmography from : Sara Botsford

Actor :

Fog, Rupert Wainwright, 2005

Tremors 4 - La légende commence, SS Wilson, 2004
In 1889, the site that will become Perfection Valley is home to the town of Rejection Valley. The inhabitants are completely dependent on a nearby silver mine for its income, and when a hot spring causes graboid eggs to hatch the mine becomes too dangerous to work in. Its owner is Hiram Gummer, great-grandfather of Burt. He arrives in town to fix the problem, but finds he is in way over his head dealing with the monsters. As Hiram picks up the...

Les rats attaquent, Robert Clouse, 1982
Contaminated grain breeds overgrown, killer rats in this Golden Harvest production. Dachshunds were dressed up as rats for the special effects....