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Savini Enters The Forest


Savini Enters The Forest

Savini Enters The Forest Whenever there's a myth somewhere out there in the wilds of America, you can count on todays teenage youth to be out tracking it down, hoping to get to the bottom of it.

In a new indie feature called The Forsaken Forest, some local kids are out on a summer vacation when they accidentally run over a girl in the middle of the Miranda Forest. Out of commission and with shitty cell phones (of course) they stumble upon the cabin of Stephen, a lonely man who once saw the creatures of the forest murder his parents. Said creatures are nymphs, former angels that were expelled from heaven once they became tainted with human emotions like lust and desire.

Stephen, bored with his life and unable to feel anything after having witnessed angelic perfection, uses the kids as bait for the nymphs to do their dirty work.

The role of Stephen has been filled by none other than Tom Savini, and from the looks of the movies official site ( http://www.gatlin-pictures.com/) there's still some casting underway. Keep your eyes on it for more info.

Source : Creature-Corner

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