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SAW 3 Saw 3 - New images and trailer "SAW 3" Saw 3 - New images and trailer

By on 18/10/2006

The second trailer for "SAW III" has come in and links to view are below. Quicktime Windows Media ...

SAW 3 Saw 3 in UK cinemas on October 27 "SAW 3" Saw 3 in UK cinemas on October 27

By on 29/09/2006

"SAW 3" Directed by Lynn Bousman Produced by Mark Burg, Oren Koules and Gregg Hoffman Starring Shawnee Smith and Tobin Bell OPENING AT CINEMAS ACROSS THE UK, OCTOBER 27 2006 Jigsaw has a new puzzle... Opening at UK cinemas this Halloween, SAW III is the most psychologically intense and disturbing chapter in this sick and twisted trilogy. If you thought films like Hostel,...

SAW 3 Saw 3 photos "SAW 3" Saw 3 photos

By on 11/08/2006

Lionsgate has released some new photos of "SAW 3". As Earlier reports have said, Jigsaw is no longer with us for this installment, but can be seen in one of the photos here. Giving a lesson to his new protege. Some of the pictures remind me of old Hellraiser with the chains in the top photo there, but more importantly is does tell us a bit about the flick. Like most of us know about...

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