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"SAW V" Dozens of New Images From "SAW V" !


By Oh My Gore ! on September 27, 2008

Dozens of New Images From "SAW V" !

SAW V Dozens of New Images From SAW V The traps have been set and the games have been played, now we finally get to see the aftermath on October 24th from Lionsgate released "SAW V" in theaters everywhere.
Here's dozens of new stills from the film, which was directed by David Hackl.

All new images from Eric Striffler's Blog.

Synopsis : The sinister plans of Jigsaw continue in this next sequel of the "Saw" movies, with even bigger traps, such as the glass box trap, (which was originally planned to be used in Saw IV, but explored more in Saw V) and life and death situations, all of which we have come to suspect from the "Saw" films. "Saw V" hopes to put the misery out of anxious movie lovers, as it explains what happened to Corbett, the daughter of Lynn Denlon and Jeff Reinhart, following the conclusion of Saw III that left her in danger. While Billy the puppet and the red tricycle are further explained. Detective Hoffman also appears, continuing on from "Saw IV", he is seemingly the last person alive to carry on the Jigsaw legacy, but when his secret is under threat, he must go on the hunt to eliminate all the loose ends.

French Release : 2008-11-05 | US Release : 2008-10-24

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