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Filmography from Serena Lorien

Filmography from : Serena Lorien

Actor :

Poe, Francis Xavier, 2012
The film follows formerly acquitted and rehabilitated criminal Dr. Andrew Casey (David Fine), who relocates to Los Angeles under the alias Jack Conway, aka 'The Chef'. Conway and his butler, Mr. Peeples (Mike Iorio), establish a respected soup kitchen/charity, 'The Help Feeding Foundation', which lures the likes of actresses and models under false pretense. The women are in fact obtained to satisfy Casey/Conway's culinary tastes. He handpicks...

Lizard Boy, Paul Della Pelle, 2011
Hired by Defense Science Office agents to create a genetic hybrid by combining rhesus monkey and reptile DNA, renowned geneticist Gino Conti (Pete Punito) becomes suspicious of the government’s intentions and sets out to sabotage their seemingly diabolical plan. Plagued by personal inadequacies and memories of his tragic past, Dr. Conti makes the experiment his own by injecting human DNA into the mix, creating a half-human/half-reptile...