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Serial Killer Carl Panzram Subject of Film.

By Oh My Gore ! on November 6, 2007

Serial Killer Carl Panzram Subject of Film.

Coinciding with the current pandemic of police brutality, filmmaker John Borowski announces lifelong prisoner Carl Panzram as the subject of his upcoming feature film, which is slated to begin production in 2008.

Panzram will examine the entire life and death of the serial killer, who revealed himself to be an intelligent, introspective and thought-provoking writer through autobiographical papers secretly passed to a humanitarian prison guard. The story of American prisoner Panzram is “an indictment of various early U.S. state prison's use of brutal violence and torture,” says Borowski.

Though a recent spike of media coverage has heightened awareness of police brutality, the U.S. has a lengthy history of corporal punishment that some consider a stain on the country's penal institutional record.

Carl Panzram was a lifelong prisoner and a hate-filled serial killer. Brutalized in and out of various U.S. state prisons during 20th century America, Panzram unleashed a rampage of revenge that resulted in over 20 murders and countless acts of violent sodomy. A single act of kindness, by prison guard Henry Lesser, sparked a friendship that eventually influenced Panzram to write his autobiography. In 1930, Panzram was hanged for killing a prison guard.

Panzram marks the third feature film for producer/writer/director John Borowski. The award-winning filmmaker has achieved international acclaim for his provocative documentaries on early American serial killers H.H. Holmes and Albert Fish. Information and limited collector edition posters are at the film's official website,

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