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Sky High

SKY HIGH (2003)

A serial-murderer is removing his victims hearts and taking them with him. Kanzaki is a detective on the case. The day he is due to be married his fiancé, Mina, is killed displaying the same MO as the other victims. He discovers geneticist, Kudo, and Rei, his evil "secretary" to be the killers. When they have six hearts they will be able to summon demons from beyond the 'Gate of Rage' to grant any wish, but darkness will fall upon the earth. Mina becomes Guardian of the Gate of Rage, and must fight Kudo when he is killed. Kanzaki enters the world of the dead to protect her.

Original Title : SKY HIGH
Director(s) :
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : Fantasy, Mystery, Action, Horror
Year : 2003Country : JapanLangage : JapaneseCoulor : ColorFrench Release : 2007-08-01
Actors :
Mina Saeki /Izuko (new Izuko)
Tatsuya Kudo
Kohei Kanzaki
Eri (voice)
Sayuri Toyama (voice)
Maya Ito (voice)

Shrine Guard 1
Shuho Kamiina

Izuko (voice)
Shrine Guard 2

Kazuo Kishi (voice)
Editor (voice)
Rei (voice)

Mina Saiki (voice)
Ryo (voice)
Jojima (voice)
Kamiina Shuho (voice)
Kazuo Kishi
Kyoko (voice)
Kanzaki (voice)
Kyoko Aoyama
Tatsuya Kudo (voice)
Maya Ito

Rei Miwa (uncredited)

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