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Sorority Row


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When five sorority sisters of Theta Pi cause the death of one of their own during a foolish prank gone wrong, they conspire to discard the evidence and never speak of the nightmare again. But when a mysterious killer targets the group a year later with a series of bizarre attacks, the women find themselves fighting for their own lives amidst the revelry of an out of control graduation party. Based on the original screenplay, Seven Sisters, this modern tale of revenge served icily cold echoes the original’s mix of horror and humor while creating a fresh take on terror uniquely its own.

Original Title : SORORITY ROW
Director(s) :
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : Horror, Mystery
Length : 101 minYear : 2009Country : USALangage : EnglishCoulor : ColorRatio : 2.35 : 1
Sound : DTS| Dolby Digital| SDDS
French Release : 2010-04-07US Release : 2009-09-11
Aka(s) :
(original title) - Sorority Row
Argentina - Pacto Secreto
Brazil - Pacto Secreto
Canada (French title) - Serment mortel
Czech Republic (alternative title) - Sesterstvo nemilosrdných
Czech Republic - Spolek nemilosrdných
Germany - Schön bis in den Tod
Spain - Hermandad de sangre
France - Soeurs de sang
Greece (DVD title) - Aimatiri adelfotita
Greece - Αιματηρή Αδελφότητα
Croatia - Sestrinstvo
Hungary - Kegyetlen titok
Israel (Hebrew title) - Nekama kfula
Italy - Patto di sangue
Lithuania - Kruvina seserijos paslaptis
Mexico - Secreto de sangre
Peru - Secreto de sangre
Poland - Ty bedziesz nastepna
Portugal - Irmandade de Sangue
Romania - Surori de sânge
Serbia (new title) - Sestrinstvo
Russia - Крик в общаге
Turkey (Turkish title) - Kizlar Tarikatinda Cinayet
USA (working title) - House on Sorority Row
USA (working title) - The House on Sorority Row
Venezuela - Secreto de sangre
Actors :
Bra-Clad Sister (as Teri Andrzejewski)
Danny (as Adam Berry)
Trampoline Sister (as Megan Elizabeth Wolfley)
Amazed Senior Guy (as Rob Belushi)
Over-It Sister
Thwarted Guy (as Zachary Garrett)
Mrs Tappan
Nerdy Underclassman (as Matthew Cannon)
Mrs Crenshaw
Dr Rosenberg
Already Drunk Sister
Senator Tyson
Joanna (as Nicole Moore)
Slutty Sister
Hot High School Guy
Sarcastic Sister
Sea Pig
Naïve Girl
Naïve Girl
Stoned Dude
Ditzy Sister
Wasted Guy
Theta Dancer
Theta Dancer
Theta Dancer
Theta Dancer
Theta Dancer
Theta Dancer
Christina (uncredited)
Senior Sorority Sister (uncredited)
Hot Tub Girl (uncredited)
Sorority Party Crasher Girl (uncredited)
Drunk guy at party (uncredited)
Police Officer (uncredited)
Extra (uncredited)
Sr Sorority Sister (uncredited)
Frat Guy (uncredited)
Painter #1 (uncredited)
Police Officer (uncredited)
Police Officer (uncredited)
Cora (uncredited)
Beer Chugger (uncredited)
Red Haired Partier (uncredited)
Bree (uncredited)
Core Sorority Sister (uncredited)
Parent (uncredited)
Senior Sorority Sister (uncredited)
Graduation Mom (uncredited)
Parent (uncredited)
Graduate (uncredited)
Gardner (uncredited)
Core Sorority Sister (uncredited)
Sorority Row

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