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Spider-Man: Homecoming 


Thrilled by his experience with the Avengers, Peter returns home, where he lives with his Aunt May, under the watchful eye of his new mentor Tony Stark, Peter tries to fall back into his normal daily routine - distracted by thoughts of proving himself to be more than just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man - but when the Vulture emerges as a new villain, everything that Peter holds most important will be threatened.

Director(s) :
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Length : 133 minYear : 2017Country : USALangage : English | SpanishCoulor : Color(ACES)Ratio : 239 : 1
Sound : Dolby Atmos| Auro 111| 12-Track Digital Sound| IMAX 6-Track| Sonics-DDP| SDDS| DTS(DTS: X)
French Release : 1970-01-01US Release : 1970-01-01
Aka(s) :
Argentina - Spider-Man: De regreso a casa
Australia - Spider-Man Homecoming
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) - Спайдър-мен: Завръщане у дома
Brazil - Homem-Aranha: De Volta ao Lar
Canada (French title) - Spider-man: Les retrouvailles
Chile - Spider-Man: De regreso a casa
Czech Republic - Spider-Man: Homecoming
Spain - Spider-Man: Homecoming
UK - Spider-Man Homecoming
Greece - Spider-Man: Η επιστροφή στον τόπο του
Croatia - Spider-Man: Povratak kući
Hungary - Pókember: Hazatérés
Israel (Hebrew title) - Spiderman: ha'shiva habai'ta
India (English title) (informal English title) - Spider-Man: Homecoming
Iceland - Köngulóarmaðurinn: Heimkoman
Lithuania - Žmogus-voras: grižimas namo
Mexico (complete title) - Spider-Man: De Regreso a Casa
Mexico - Spider-Man: de regreso a casa
Peru - Spider-Man: De regreso a casa
Portugal - Homem-Aranha: Regresso a Casa
Romania - Omul-Păianjen: Întoarcerea acasă
Serbia - Spajdermen: Povratak kući
Russia - Человек-паук: Возвращение домой
Slovenia - Spider-Man: vrnitev domov
Slovakia - Spider-Man: Návrat Domov
Turkey (Turkish title) - Örümcek-Adam: Eve Dönüs
Ukraine - Людина-павук: Повернення додому
USA (fake working title) - The Summer of George
Uruguay (3-D version) - Spider-Man: De regreso a casa
Actors :
Cast(in credits order) 
Peter Parker /Spider-Man
Adrian Toomes /Vulture
Tony Stark /Iron Man
May Parker
Happy Hogan
Pepper Potts
Aaron Davis
Herman Schultz /Shocker #2
Anne Marie Hoag
Coach Wilson
Principal Morita
Ms Warren
Mr Harrington
Doris Toomes
Phineas Mason /The Tinkerer
Mac Gargan
Jackson Brice /Shocker #1
Karen /Suit Lady (voice)
Agent Foster
Mr Cobbwell
Mr Delmar
Street Vendor
Punk on Street (as Kirk Thatcher)
Car Jacker
Yelling Woman
Yelling Man
Day Sleeper
Thai Waiter
History Teacher
Steve Rogers /Captain America
Tent Kid
Tent Kid
Friday (voice)
Mr Hapgood
Decathlon Moderator
Park Ranger
Tour Guide
Helicopter Pilot (as Kevin N LaRosa)
Ferry Kid
Ferry Mom
Ferry Commuter
Ferry Commuter
Ferry Commuter
Ferry Commuter
Yeah Spider-Man Guy (as Omar Nieve Capra)
Dean Crimson
Stark Tower Technician
Stark Tower Employee
NYC Pedestrian (uncredited)
Friend of Liz (uncredited)
German Tourist (uncredited)
High School Student (uncredited)
Party Girl (uncredited)
NYC Commuter (uncredited)
Ferry Passenger (uncredited)
Bank Customer (uncredited)
Unhappy Teen (uncredited)
Indian Flower Girl (uncredited)
Homecoming Dance Student (uncredited)
Drama Club Student (uncredited)
Girl on Elevator (uncredited)
Prison Guard (uncredited)
Firefighter (uncredited)
Little Boy (uncredited)
High School Student (uncredited)
Decathlon Competitor (uncredited)
Skateboarder (uncredited)
Tourist (uncredited)
High School Student (uncredited)
Midtown Student (uncredited)
Ferry Passenger (uncredited)
DC Tourist (uncredited)
NY Pedestrian (uncredited)
Ferry Passenger (uncredited)
NYPD Officer (uncredited)
Drama Club Member (uncredited)
Commuter (uncredited)
Rabbi on Subway (uncredited)
Decathlon Competitor (uncredited)
Dancer (uncredited)
DODC Guard (uncredited)
Street Vendor /Pedestrian (uncredited)
Photographer (uncredited)
New Yorker (uncredited)
College Recruiter (uncredited)
Metro Police Officer (uncredited)
Construction Worker (uncredited)
Midtown Student (uncredited)
FDNY Firefighter (uncredited)
DODC Agent (uncredited)
Homecoming Dance Student (uncredited)
Tony Stark's Technician (uncredited)
Student /Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Midtown Student (uncredited)
High School Student (uncredited)
Park Ranger (uncredited)
Avengers Staff Agent (uncredited)
Student (uncredited)
Inmate (uncredited)
NYC Pedestrian (uncredited)
Student (uncredited)
Screaming Girl #2 (uncredited)
DC News Reporter (uncredited)
Old Lady (uncredited)
Agent (uncredited)
Stark VTOL Pilot (uncredited)
Ned Leed's Dad (uncredited)
High School Student (uncredited)
Department of Damage Control (uncredited)
Helicopter DC Metro Sniper (uncredited)
Vulture Henchman (uncredited)
Vulture Henchman (uncredited)
Park Ranger (uncredited)
Mascot (uncredited)
Fireman (uncredited)
Student (uncredited)
Spider-Man Homecoming 

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