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Filmography from Sumie Sasaki

Filmography from : Sumie Sasaki

Actor :

20-seiki shônen: Dai 2 shô - Saigo no kibô, Yukihiko Tsutsumi, 2009

Kaidan Shin Mimibukuro: Yûrei manshon, Akio Yoshida, 2005

Ai no bôrei, Nagisa Ôshima, 1978
A young man has an affair with an older woman. He is very jealous of her husband and decides that they should kill him. One night, after the husband had plenty of sake to drink and was in bed, they strangle him and dump his body down a well. To avert any suspicions, she pretends her husband has gone off to Tokyo to work. For three years the wife and her lover secretly see each other. Finally, suspicions become very strong and people begin to...