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Take Off

TAKE OFF (1978)

Don Juan-like playboy doesn't get old, but his photographs do. One day he takes a couple to see adult movies. Hardcore version of Oscar Wilde's Dorian Gray.

Original Title : TAKE OFF
Director(s) :
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : Adult, Comedy, Fantasy
Length : 103 minYear : 1978Country : USALangage : EnglishCoulor : ColorRatio : 1.66 : 1
Sound : Mono
US Release : 1978-05-17
Actors :
Darrin Blue
Henrietta Wilde (segment '1920's')
Max (segment '1920's')
John Dillinger (segment '1930's')
Jean Harlot (segment '1930's')
Whitey (segment '1930's') (as Dick Galan)
Faye (segment '1930's')
Virginia Slimms (segment '1940's')
Louie (segment '1940's')
Teenager (segment '1940's')
SS Captain (segment '1940's') (as WP Drémak)
SS Lieutenant (segment '1940's')
SS Major (segment '1940's')
Lounge Singer (segment '1940's')
Dottie (segment '1950's')
Frankie (segment '1950's')
Ringo (segment '1950's') (as Luke Ropewalker)
Kookie (segment '1950's') (as Barney Tramble)
Mickey (segment '1950's')
Jelkie (segment '1950's') (as John Smith)
Jane (segment '1960's')
Sunshine (segment '1960's') (as Bethanna)
Angela (segment '1960's')
Free (segment '1960's')
Mother (segment '1960's')
Father (segment '1960's')
Linda (segment '1970's') (as Leslie Bovee)
Roy (segment '1970's') (as Rob Everett)
Poet (segment '1970's')
Dolly Martin (segment '1970's')
Rock Star (segment '1970's')
Opera Singer (segment '1970's')
Truman Coyote (segment '1970's')
Two Jug Lady Band (segment '1970's') (as Marcia Major)
Hooker (segment '1970's') (as Drinda La Lumia)
Sophisticated Lady (segment '1970's')
Guy at Party (segment '1970's') (as Screw Magazine Contest Winner Bruce Long)
Topless Girl by Pool (segment '1970's') (uncredited)
Girl Offered Cocaine (segment '1970's') (uncredited)
Guy in Hammock (segment '1970's') (uncredited)
Girl in Hammock (segment '1970's') (uncredited)
Pianist (segment '1940's') (uncredited)
Take Off

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