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Filmography from Tania Boscoli

Filmography from : Tania Boscoli

Actor :

Um Lobisomem na Amazônia, Ivan Cardoso, 2005
In search of a powerful hallucinogen, five friends embark on a dangerous journey deep into the Amazon. But a bad trip isn't the only threat, as they discover when they stumble across the hidden camp of the crazed Dr. Moreau and his murderous animal-human hybrid creations......

As Sete Vampiras, Ivan Cardoso, 1986
Botanist is incapable of handling a carnivore plant that turns its victims into vampires. Clumsy detective and his secretary are hired to solve the mysterious deaths happening in a nightclub show....

O Segredo da Múmia, Ivan Cardoso, 1982
Laughed at when he announced the discovery of the elixer of life, a scientist Professor Expedito Vitus devotes himself to the reconstitution of a map which has been divided into eight parts. The owners of these parts are being mysteriously murdered. Thanks to this map, he ends up making the most important archaeological discovery of the century: the tomb of Runamb, the Mummy, in the sands of Egypt. Back in Brasil, the professor brings the Mummy...