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Filmography from Tanith Fiedler

Filmography from : Tanith Fiedler

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Necroville, Billy Garberina (co-director), Richard Griffin (co-director), 2007
In Necroville, a city overrun by zombies, vampires, werewolves, and other monsters, Jack and his best friend Alex find work at Zom-B-Gone, a monster extermination company. Battling the legions of the undead at work and desperately trying to please Penny -- his horrible, selfish girlfriend -- at home, Jack's two world's collide when Penny's ex-boyfriend returns to town, as the unholy master of a coven of bloodthirsty vampires. ...

Seepage!, Richard Griffin, 2005
A group of college students run afoul of not only a passel of insane, inbred rednecks, but also a humanoid fish monster bent on making chum of them all....