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The ABCs of Death


A 26-chapter anthology that showcases death in all its vicious wonder and brutal beauty.

Original Title : THE ABCS OF DEATH
Director(s) : (segment 'V is for Vagitus'), (segment 'E is for Exterminate'), (segment 'O is for Orgasm'), (segment 'C is for Cycle'), (segment 'Y Is for Youngbuck'), (segment 'O is for Orgasm'), (segment 'B Is for Bigfoot'), (segment 'X Is for XXL'), (segment 'I is for Ingrown'), (segment 'T Is for Toilet'), (segment 'F is for Fart'), (segment 'H is for Hydro-Electric Diffusion'), (segment 'K is for Klutz'), (segment 'Z is for Zetsumetsu'), (segment 'N is for Nuptials'), (segment 'P Is for Pressure'), (segment 'D Is for Dogfight'), (segment 'W is for WTF?'), (segment 'R Is for Removed'), (segment 'L is for Libido'), (segment 'G is for Gravity'), (segment 'A Is for Apocalypse'), (segment 'S is for Speed'), (segment 'M Is for Miscarriage'), (segment 'U Is for Unearthed'), (segment 'Q Is for Quack'), (segment 'J is for Jidai-geki')
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : Comedy, Horror
Length : 129 minYear : 2012Country : USA | New ZealandLangage : English | Spanish | Japanese | German | French | KoreanCoulor : ColorRatio : 1.78 : 1
Sound : Dolby Digital
French Release : 2012-11-17US Release : 2012-09-22
Actors :
Woman (segment 'A is for Apocalypse')
Man (segment 'A is for Apocalypse')
Dulce (segment 'B is for Bigfoot') (as Alejandra Urdiain)
Erik (segment 'B is for Bigfoot')
Xochitl (segment 'B is for Bigfoot') (as Greta Martínez)
Yeti (segment 'B is for Bigfoot')
Bruno (segment 'C is for Cycle')
Alicia (segment 'C is for Cycle')
The Fighter (segment 'D is for Dogfight')
The Dog (segment 'D is for Dogfight')
The Figther's Trainer (segment 'D is for Dogfight')
The Dog's Trainer (segment 'D is for Dogfight')
Beat Down Dude (segment 'D is for Dogfight')
Card Girl (segment 'D is for Dogfight')
The Baby (segment 'D is for Dogfight')
The Goomba (segment 'D is for Dogfight')
Loopyloop (segment 'D is for Dogfight')
College Kid (segment 'D is for Dogfight')
The Hooligan (segment 'D is for Dogfight') (as J Louis Mills)
The King of Dry Cleaning (segment 'D is for Dogfight')
Rough Stuff (segment 'D is for Dogfight')
Grandmema Bookie (segment 'D is for Dogfight')
Old Hippie (segment 'D is for Dogfight') (as Alex Mcaulay)
Strungout (segment 'D is for Dogfight')
Female Boxer (segment 'D is for Dogfight')
Junior (segment 'D is for Dogfight')
Beauty (segment 'D is for Dogfight')
The Walk In (segment 'D is for Dogfight')
Another Bum (segment 'D is for Dogfight')
Ganger (segment 'D is for Dogfight')
The Man (segment 'E is for Exterminate')
Yoshie (segment 'F is for Fart')
Miss Yumi (segment 'F is for Fart')
High School Girl A (segment 'F is for Fart')
High School Girl A (segment 'F is for Fart')
High School Girl B (segment 'F is for Fart')
High School Girl C (segment 'F is for Fart')
Frau Scheisse (segment 'H is for Hydro-Electric Diffusion')
Bertie the Bulldog (segment 'H is for Hydro-Electric Diffusion')
Frau Scheisse (voice)
Bertie the Bulldog (segment 'H is for Hydro-Electric Diffusion') (voice)
Announcer (segment 'H is for Hydro-Electric Diffusion') (voice)
Sir Winston Churchill (segment 'H is for Hydro-Electric Diffusion') (voice)
(segment 'I is for Ingrown')
(segment 'I is for Ingrown')
Samurai (segment 'J is for Jidai-geki')
Executioner (segment 'J is for Jidai-geki')
Man (segment 'L is for Libido')
Eyes (segment 'L is for Libido')
Stage 1 Man (segment 'L is for Libido')
Stage 12 Man (segment 'L is for Libido')
Stage 13 Man (segment 'L is for Libido')
Boy (segment 'L is for Libido')
Rapist (segment 'L is for Libido')
Epilogue Woman (segment 'L is for Libido')
Epilogue Men (segment 'L is for Libido')
Epilogue Men (segment 'L is for Libido')
Handicapped Girl (segment 'L is for Libido')
Baby Mama (segment: 'M is for Miscarriage')
Shane (segment 'N is for Nuptials')
Ann (segment 'N is for Nuptials') (as Orn-Arnin Peerachakajornpatt)
La femme (segment 'O is for Orgasm')
L'homme (segment 'O is for Orgasm')
Mother (segment 'P is for Pressure')
Youngest Daughter (segment 'P is for Pressure')
Middle Daughter (segment 'P is for Pressure')
Eldest Daughter (segment 'P is for Pressure')
Boyfriend /Father (segment 'P is for Pressure')
The Crusher (segment 'P is for Pressure')
Rentman (segment 'P is for Pressure')
Adam (segment 'Q is for Quack')
Simon (segment 'Q is for Quack')
Melissa (segment 'Q is for Quack')
Juan Carlos (segment 'Q is for Quack')
The Paramedic (segment 'R is for Removed')
Black Suit 2 (segment 'R is for Removed')
Roxanne (segment 'S is for Speed')
Lulu (segment 'S is for Speed')
Hooded Man (segment 'S is for Speed')
Mum (segment 'T is for Toilet') (voice)
Dad (segment 'T is for Toilet') (voice)
Lord Scanlon (segment 'U Is for Unearthed')
Father Tom (segment 'U Is for Unearthed')
Geoff (segment 'U Is for Unearthed')
The Archer (segment 'U Is for Unearthed')
Sue (segment 'U Is for Unearthed')
The Creature (segment 'U Is for Unearthed')
Lainey (segment 'V is for Vagitus')
Nezbit (segment 'V is for Vagitus')
Stoker (segment 'V is for Vagitus') (as Michael Rogers)
Dr White (segment 'V is for Vagitus')
Mrs Van Arrant (segment 'V is for Vagitus')
Mr Van Arrant (segment 'V is for Vagitus') (as Patrick Currie)
Baby Casey (segment 'V is for Vagitus')
Baby Casey (segment 'V is for Vagitus')
Tech Tonic (segment 'V is for Vagitus')
Tech Tronic (segment 'V is for Vagitus')
Tech Sonic (segment 'V is for Vagitus')
Warrior (segment 'W is for WTF?')
The Girl (segment: XXL)
A Bad Guy (segment 'X is for XXL')
The Walk In ( segment 'D is for Dog'
Janitor (segment 'Y is for Youngbuck')
Gertrude (segment 'X is for XXL')
Man (segment 'L is for Libido')
Bobo (segment 'X is for XXL')
Man Shot in Head 3 (segment 'Z is for Zetsumetsu')
Rice Woman (segment 'Z is for Zetsumetsu')
Salaryman 2 (segment 'Z is for Zetsumetsu')
Man Shot in Head 1 (segment 'Z is for Zetsumetsu')
Kid (segment 'Y is for Youngbuck')
Mastectomy (as Match)
Man Shot in Head 2 (segment 'Z is for Zetsumetsu')
Salaryman 3 (segment 'Z is for Zetsumetsu')
Basketball Player /Student
Salaryman 1 (segment 'Z is for Zetsumetsu')
Dr Strangeluv (segment 'Z is for Zetsumetsu')
Sazae-san (segment 'Z is for Zetsumetsu')
W is for WTF Eyeball Victim
Zombie Clown #10 (segment 'W is for WTF')
Bad Guy (segment 'X Is for XXL')
Office Lady (segment 'Z is for Zetsumetsu')
Salaryman 4 (segment 'Z is for Zetsumetsu')
Government Spokesman (segment 'Z is for Zetsumetsu')
Female Detective (segment 'Z is for Zetsumetsu')
The ABCs of Death

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