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The Exorcist


A movie actress taking up temporary residence in Washington D.C. has her troubles. The script for the movie she's filming seems inadequate. Her ex, who is also the father of her adolescent daughter, Regan, neglects to call the girl on her birthday. And the attic has rats. Meanwhile, Father Karras, a priest and a psychiatrist, is losing his faith; and he's dealing with a sick mother who needs medical care he hasn't the money to provide. Another priest, the old and ailing Father Merrin, has just returned from Iraq with forebodings of evil. These three persons meet when the sweet and cheerful Regan turns foul-mouthed and violent. But her sickness is beyond the reach of a medical doctor or a psychiatrist. What Regan needs is an exorcist.

Original Title : THE EXORCIST
Director(s) :
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : Horror
Length : 122 min | 132 min (director's cut)Year : 1973Country : USALangage : English | Latin | Greek | French | German | Arabic | KurdishCoulor : Color(Metrocolor)Ratio : 1.37 : 1
Sound : 70 mm 6-Track(1979 re-release)| DTS-ES(director's cut)| Dolby Digital EX(director's cut)| Mono(original release)| SDDS(director's cut)
French Release : 1974-09-11US Release : 1973-12-26
Aka(s) :
(original title) - The Exorcist
Argentina - El Exorcista
Argentina (director's cut) - El exorcista
Australia (cable TV title) - The Exorcist 2000
Belgium (English title) - The Exorcist
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) - Заклинателят
Brazil - O Exorcista
Canada (French title) - L'exorciste
Canada (English title) - The Exorcist
Chile - El Exorcista
Czech Republic (restored version) - Vymýtac dábla
Germany - Der Exorzist
Germany (director's cut) - Der Exorzist - Director's Cut
Germany (video title) (director's cut) - Der Exorzist - die neue Fassung
Denmark - Eksorcisten
Spain - El exorcista
Finland (Swedish title) - Exorcisten
Finland - Manaaja
France - L'exorciste
France (director's cut) - L'exorciste - version intégrale
Greece - Ο εξορκιστής
Croatia - Istjerivač đavla
Hungary - Az ördögűző
Iran (Persian title) - Jengir
Iceland - Særingarmaðurinn
Italy - L'esorcista
Italy (director's cut) - L'esorcista - Versione integrale
Japan (English title) - Exorcist
Lithuania - Egzorcistas
Lithuania (restored version) - Egzorcistas. Versija, kurios dar nematete
Mexico - El exorcista
Norway - Eksorsisten
Norway (DVD title) - Exorsisten
Peru - El exorcista
Poland - Egzorcysta
Portugal - O Exorcista
Romania - Exorcistul
Serbia - Isterivač đavola
Russia - Изгоняющий дьявола
Sweden - Exorcisten
Soviet Union (Russian title) - Изгоняющий дьявола
Turkey (Turkish title) - Seytan
Ukraine - Той, що виганяe диявола
USA (recut version) - The Exorcist: The Version You Haven't Seen Yet
USA (promotional title) - The Exorcist: The Version You've Never Seen
USA (reissue title) - William Peter Blatty's The Exorcist
Uruguay - El exorcista
West Germany - Der Exorzist
World-wide (English title) - The Exorcist
Actors :
Chris MacNeil
Father Merrin
Lt William Kinderman
Burke Dennings
Father Karras
Father Dyer (as Reverend William O'Malley SJ)
Dr Klein
Dr Barringer - Clinic Director (as Pete Masterson)
Dr Taney
Tom - President of University (as Reverend Thomas Bermingham SJ)
Karras' Mother
Karras' Uncle
Language Lab Director
Bishop Michael
Chuck - Assistant Director /Demonic Voice
Mary Jo Perrin
Jesuit Dean
Senator at Party
Demon (voice)
Radiologist's Assistant (uncredited)
Nurse (uncredited)
The Producer (uncredited)
First Mental Patient (uncredited)
Astronaut (uncredited)
Doctor (voice) (uncredited)
Violent psychotic patient (uncredited)
Pazuzu's Face (uncredited)
Senator's Wife (uncredited)
Minor Role (uncredited)
Minor Role (uncredited)
Bellevue Nurse (uncredited)
Minor Role (uncredited)
Spiderwalk (uncredited)
Priest (uncredited)
Subway Vagrant (uncredited)
Priest Singing Around Piano at Party (uncredited)
The Exorcist

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