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The Invisible Man


A mysterious man, whose head is completely covered in bandages, wants a room. The proprietors of the pub aren't used to making their house an inn during the winter months, but the man insists. They soon come to regret their decision. The man quickly runs out of money, and he has a violent temper besides. Worse still, he seems to be some kind of chemist and has filled his room with messy chemicals, test tubes, beakers and the like. When they try to throw him out, they make a ghastly discovery. Meanwhile, Flora Cranley appeals to her father to do something about the mysterious disappearance of Dr. Griffin, his assistant and her sweetheart. Her father's other assistant, the cowardly Dr. Kemp, is no help. He wants her for himself. Little does Flora guess that the wild tales, from newspapers and radio broadcasts, of an invisible homicidal maniac are stories of Dr. Griffin himself, who has discovered the secret of invisibility and gone mad in the process.

Original Title : THE INVISIBLE MAN
Director(s) :
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : Horror, Sci-Fi
Length : 71 minYear : 1933Country : USALangage : EnglishCoulor : Black and WhiteRatio : 1.37 : 1
Sound : Mono(Western Electric Noiseless Recording Sound System)
French Release : 1934-03-02US Release : 1933-10-31
Actors :
Dr Jack Griffin aka The Invisible Man
Flora Cranley
Dr Arthur Kemp
Dr Cranley
Jenny Hall
Herbert Hall
Chief of Police
Constable Jaffers
Chief Detective
Inspector Bird
Inspector Lane
Detective Thompson (uncredited)
Villager Playing Darts (uncredited)
Bicycle Owner (uncredited)
Farmer (uncredited)
Informer Suggesting Ink (uncredited)
Villager (uncredited)
Officer in Charge of Barn Capture (uncredited)
Reporter (uncredited)
Screaming Woman (uncredited)
Townsman at Pub (uncredited)
Constable (uncredited)
Townswoman at Pub (uncredited)
Woman (uncredited)
Doctor (uncredited)
Constable (uncredited)
Newsboy (uncredited)
Cop (uncredited)
Constable (uncredited)
Party Guest (uncredited)
Detective Hogan (uncredited)
Official (uncredited)
Old Farmer with Barn (uncredited)
Orphanage Worker (uncredited)
Old Woman Listening to Radio (uncredited)
Hospital Doctor (uncredited)
2nd Man Calling Police ('Frost') (uncredited)
Railroad Switchman (uncredited)
The Invisible Man

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