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The Mummy

THE MUMMY (1932)

In 1921 a team of British archaeologists led by Sir Joseph Whemple uncovers the 3700 year old mummy of Imhotep. When one young archaeologist opens the scroll of Thoth, he goes delirious and the Mummy comes to life. 10 years later Sir Joseph returns with his son Frank. Unknown to them, the Mummy now exists as the mysterious Egyptian, Ardath Bay, who helps the expedition uncover the tomb of his ancient love. He then uses his mystic powers mesmerize the reincarnation of his lost love in the form of Helen Grosvenor. When Sir Joseph interferes he mysteriously dies. Frank Whemple, with the help of Dr. Muller, attempts to discover the key to Ardath Bay's powers and get Helen back.

Original Title : THE MUMMY
Director(s) :
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : Fantasy, Horror
Length : 73 minYear : 1932Country : USALangage : English | Arabic | FrenchCoulor : Black and WhiteRatio : 1.37 : 1
Sound : Mono(Western Electric Noiseless Recording Sound System)
French Release : 2016-10-09US Release : 1932-12-22
Actors :
Helen Grosvenor
Frank Whemple
Sir Joseph Whemple
Doctor Muller
Ralph Norton
The Nubian
Frau Muller
Professor Pearson
The Pharoh
The Saxon Warrior (scenes deleted)
Knight (scenes deleted)
Nurse (uncredited)
Party Guest (uncredited)
Party Guest (uncredited)
Gentleman #2 at Cairo Party (uncredited)
Inspector's Assistant (uncredited)
Police Inspector (uncredited)
Gentleman #1 at Cairo Party (uncredited)
Helen's Dancing Partner (uncredited)
Nubian (uncredited)
The Mummy

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