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The Unjust


In 2010, South Koreans are terrified by a series of murders targeting children. The police fail repeatedly to capture the killer. Finally, the Korean President becomes directly involved in the case. The cops, feeling pressure from all sides, pursue a possible suspect, but the suspect is shot to death by the cops. To avoid another dead end and any further heat, the National Police Agency wants to target another person, any plausible person, and close the case as soon as possible.

Police officer Choi Cheol-Gi (Hwang Jung-Min) is then chosen to do the dirty work. Police officer Choi Cheol-Gi is well respected by his peers and has an impressive resume of arrests, but due to the fact that Choi Chil-Gi did not graduate from the police academy he is always passed over for promotions. This time around, the police brass guarantees a promotion if he is able to close the case.

Choi Cheol-Gi then enlists the help of gangster Jang Suk-Gu (Yu Hae-Jin) to frame a possible suspect as the serial killer.

Meanwhile, prosecutor Joo-Yang (Ryoo Seung-Bum) is assigned to the arrest of the serial killer. He has also take on sponsorship by a powerful real estate businessman. When police officer Choi Cheol-Gi attempts to arrest Joo-Yang's sponsor, prosecutor Joo-Yang looks into Choi Cheol-Gi background to exact revenge. He hits paydirt when he comes across a deal between Choi Cheol-Gi and gangster Jang Suk-Gu.

During this time, the man imprisoned as the serial killer dies in an apparent suicide ...

Original Title : THE UNJUST
Director(s) : (as Ryu Seung-wan)
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : [Action
Year : 2010French Release : 2011-04-02
Actors :
Choi Cheol-gi (as Jeong-min Hwang)
Joo Yang
Jang Seok-gu (as Hae-jin Yoo)
Chief Kang
Lee Dong-seok
Kim Yang-su
Inspector Kong
Chief Prosecutor (as Seong-min Lee)
Detective Lee
Detective Nam
Reporter Kim
Representative Ko
Choi Cheol-gi's Brother-in-law
Choi Cheol-gi's Younger Sister
Detective Kwak
Old Inspector
Public Defender
Forensic Examiner
Member of Squad 1
Lee Dong-seok's Wife
Detective in Opening Scene 1
Female Judicial Apprentice
Suspect in Photograph
Violent Man 1
Haedong Investor 1
Opening scene detective (as Jong-gu Yun)
Superintendent Kwang Soo-dae

President Jung
Treasure Island Lady 4
Haedong Investor 2 (as Oh Seung-Hyeon)
Choi Cheol-gi's Brother-in-law's Friend 1
Joo Yang's Hostess
The Unjust

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