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The Wicked 

THE WICKED  (2013)

When a girl goes missing in a town with a history of mysterious disappearances, local teenagers recall an old legend about a witch who lives in a house in the woods and devours the flesh of children; the young for youth, the strong for power, and the pretty for beauty.

On a dare the teens venture to the house to lay to rest the nightmarish tales of their childhood once and for all. What they discover is the legend is true. And the very things that have raised them to the top of the high school pecking order, will now turn them the into victims for The Wicked.

Titre original : THE WICKED 
Réalisateur(s) :
Scénariste(s) :
Genre(s) : Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
Année : 2013Pays : USA Langue(s) : English Couleur : Color Ratio : 185 : 1 Sortie US : 2013-04-30
Autre(s) Titre(s) :
Germany (DVD title) - Im Bann der Hexe
Greece (DVD title) - Oi stoiheiomenoi
Russia - Злой
Acteurs :
Cast(in credits order) 
Max Reese
Zach Reese
Julie Adams
Deputy Karl Bryant
Amanda Drake
Carter Evans
Deputy Mahoney
The Witch
Terri Drake
Sergeant Reid
Dr James Reese
News Reporter
Clique Girl (uncredited)
Rachel Reese (uncredited)
The Wicked 

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