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Filmography from Tom Arnold

Filmography from : Tom Arnold

Actor :

L'Attaque des fourmis géantes, Ron Carlson, 2017
When the 1989 "one-hit-wonder" glam-metal band "Sonic Grave" embark on a trip to Coachella in hopes of a comeback, their peyote trip pit stop in Joshua Tree incites an "unworldly" viscous attack, and they must "rock" themselves out of harms way....

The Skeptic, Tennyson Bardwell, 2009
After the mysterious death of his Aunt, a confirmed skeptic lawyer, Bryan Becket, dismisses reports that her house is haunted and moves in. Immediately occurrences begin he cannot explain. And beyond the occurrences there is something about the house which gnaws at Becket - some strange connection he senses he has with the house's past. Soon, the haunting turns personal, he hears voices suggesting clues to a deep mystery. He questions his...

Animal Factory, Steve Buscemi, 2000

La fin de Freddy - L'ultime cauchemar, Rachel Talalay, 1991