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Filmography from Toshiyuki Watarai

Filmography from : Toshiyuki Watarai

Actor :

Autoreiji, Takeshi Kitano, 2010
In a ruthless battle for power, several yakuza clans vie for the favour of their head family in the Japanese underworld. The rival bosses seek to rise through the ranks by scheming and making allegiances sworn over saké. Long-time yakuza Otomo (Takeshi) has seen his kind go from elaborate body tattoos and severed fingertips to becoming important players on the stock market. Theirs is a never-ending struggle to end up on top, or at least...

L: Change the World, Hideo Nakata, 2008

Kami no hidarite akuma no migite, Shûsuke Kaneko, 2006
What's scary is being a human being, and what's scary is being myself. Truly horrifying things reside inside oneself. The work asks if you can stand the inescapable terror....