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Filmography from Ulyana Chan

Filmography from : Ulyana Chan

Actor :

Asylum, Todor Chapkanov, 2014
An eleven-person riot squad races to an insane asylum to quell a recent inmate outbreak and hostage situation. They arrive, only to be caught off guard by a sudden barrage of insane patients. When they've finally fought off a wave, two of their squad members are missing, their communications return only static, and the doors are locked. They're trapped. They break up into three teams to track down the lost members. Strange sounds and religious...

Conan, Marcus Nispel, 2011
Cimmerian barbarian Conan has risen through the ranks of the nation of Aquilonia during its wars with the Picts and the Hyrkanians, earning Emperor Fortuna's trust enough to be named king of the land of Zingara, though Fortuna keeps Conan's adopted son Kon in his custody as collateral so that Conan will remain faithful to him. As twenty years pass, and Kon becomes a man educated and trained in the ways of Aquilonia. When Conan invokes the...