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Filmography from Umberto D Orsi

Filmography from : Umberto D Orsi

Actor :

Corruzione al palazzo di giustizia, Marcello Aliprandi, 1975
During an inquest, an ambitious judge finds out that a lot of high-rank politicians are corrupt to the core....

Un posto ideale per uccidere, Umberto Lenzi, 1971
Danish student Ingrid (Ornella Muti) and her English boyfriend Dick (Ray Lovelock) decide to sell pornography illegally in Italy, and at the beginning, they make a lot of money and spend a great holiday time there. Then they are arrested by the police, and their rebellious attitude (especially if you remember, this was 1970) doesn't help much. They end up on the street without a Lira in their pockets, and when a rich lady (Irene Papas) offers...

Beatrice Cenci, Lucio Fulci, 1969
A young Italian noblewoman plots with her lover and her family to murder her abusive father leading to an uproar in the community and the Roman Catholic church set in 16th Century Italy....