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Filmography from Umberto Orsini

Filmography from : Umberto Orsini

Actor :

Corruzione al palazzo di giustizia, Marcello Aliprandi, 1975
During an inquest, an ambitious judge finds out that a lot of high-rank politicians are corrupt to the core....

L'uomo senza memoria, Duccio Tessari, 1974

Città violenta, Sergio Sollima, 1970
After a bloody double-cross leaves him for dead, professional hit man Jeff tracks the shooter and his beautiful mistress to New Orleans. But when Jeff takes both revenge and the woman, he finds himself blackmailed by a powerful crime boss who wants the fiercely independent gunman to join his organization. Jeff refuses, and is hunted through an unforgiving city where love is like a loaded gun and debts of vengeance are paid in bullets....

Il pianeta degli uomini spenti, Antonio Margheriti (as Anthony Dawson), 1961
A runaway asteroid dubbed "The Outsider" mysteriously begins orbiting the Earth and threatens it with lethal flying saucers....