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Vendredi 13

VENDREDI 13 (1940)

When his friend Professor Kingsley is at deaths door, brain surgeon Dr. Sovac saves his life by means of an illegal operation that transplants part of injured gangster Red Cannon's brain. Unfortunately, the operation has a disastrous Jeckll and Hyde side effect and under certain conditions the persona of Cannon emerges. Sovac soon learns of the duel personality and of half a million dollars the gangster has hidden away. He attempts to find the money through the manipulation of his friend, an attempt that brings Kingsley closer to madness as he alternates between a meek professor of English and a brutal gangster out for murderous revenge on those who tried to kill him.

Original Title : VENDREDI 13
Director(s) :
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : [Crime
Year : 1940US Release : 1940-02-29
Actors :
Dr Ernest Sovac
Eric Marnay
Prof George Kingsley /Red Cannon
Sunny Rogers
Jean Sovac
Mrs Margaret Kingsley
Frank Miller
William Kane
Chief of Police
Taxi Driver
Hotel Associate
Nurse (uncredited)
Louis Devore (uncredited)
2nd Nurse (uncredited)
Student (uncredited)
Club Maitre d' (uncredited)
Reporter Ernst Gives Notes To (uncredited)
Detective (uncredited)
Det Farnow (uncredited)
Detective (uncredited)
Prison Doctor (uncredited)
Fat Man in Bar (uncredited)
Prison Official (uncredited)
Midtown Hotel Maid (uncredited)
Midtown Hotel Clerk (uncredited)
Cabbie (uncredited)
Student (uncredited)
G-Man (uncredited)
Prison Chaplain (uncredited)
Dr Warner (uncredited)
Reporter at Execution (uncredited)
Cabbie (uncredited)
Det Carpenter (uncredited)
Student (uncredited)
Student (uncredited)
G-Man (uncredited)
Vendredi 13

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