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"VIOLENT BLUE" Trailer Now Online!

Isis Cinema on December 21, 2009

"VIOLENT BLUE" Trailer Now Online!

VIOLENT BLUE  Trailer Now Online "VIOLENT BLUE" Trailer Now Online!

The first official trailer for director Gregory Hatanaka's ("MAD COWGIRL", "UNTIL THE NIGHT") new bizarre flick, "VIOLENT BLUE", is now online!

You Tube Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ERZyDd_mQY

The film stars Silvia Suvadova ("KOLJA", "POLANSKI"), Nick Mancuso ("UNDER SIEGE", "RAPID FIRE", "DEATH WARRIOR"), Jesse Hlubik ("MAY", "I KNOW WHO KILLED ME", "THE LOST"), Barry O'Rourke ("VIVA"), Andrea Harrison ("BORN TO BE A STAR") with special appearances by Shane Ryan ("WARNING!!! PEDOPHILE RELEASED"), Luke Y. Thompson ("WICKED LAKE"), Kai Lanette ("AMATEUR PORN STAR KILLER 2"), Lina So ("REPO MEN"), Aneliese Roettger ("COUPLES RETREAT", "FRAT PARTY") and producer Barry Barnholtz ("PUBLIC ENEMIES", "A CHRISTMAS PROPOSAL", "B.T.K.", "CYBORG 2").

The film features a never-ending list of indie and veteran actors in a story about...
The lives and obsessions of a group of people run head on into each other during one summer in LA.

"VIOLENT BLUE" is expected to hit theatres in mid 2010.

Source : Isis Pix

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