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Filmography from Wally Taylor

Filmography from : Wally Taylor

Actor :

Peacemaker, Kevin Tenney (as Kevin S Tenney), 1990
Two aliens arrive on Earth trying to kill each other. This is not easy, since they seem to be able to regenerate lost body parts and survive bullet wounds. Both of them happen to meet a young pathologist Dori Caisson, and each alien tells her that he is a peacemaker (an intergalactic cop) and that the other one is a bad guy. Whom can she trust ? ...

Night of the Creeps, Fred Dekker, 1986
In this campy chiller, a college couple, in 1959, see an object plummet to Earth like a meteor. The boy accidentally swallows a space-slug that shoots out. In 1986, two freshmen roam the campus and stumble across the corpse of the boy who swallowed the space-slug. Once thawed out, the corpse comes to life....

Escape from New York, John Carpenter, 1981

When a Stranger Calls, Fred Walton, 1979
A psychopathic killer terrorizes a babysitter, then returns seven years later to menace her again....