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X-Men : Le Commencement


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Original Title : X-MEN : LE COMMENCEMENT
Director(s) :
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : [Action
Year : 2011French Release : 2011-06-01US Release : 2011-05-25
Actors :
Charles Xavier (30 Years)
Charles Xavier (12 Years)
Erik Lensherr
Young Erik
Sebastian Shaw
Moira MacTaggert
Raven /Mystique
Mrs Xavier
Young Raven (10 Years)
Man in Black Suit
Janos Quested /Riptide (as Alex González)
Angel Salvadore
Emma Frost
Hank /Beast
Cassidy /Banshee
Darwin /Armando Muñoz
Chief Warden
Alex Summers /Havok
Colonel Hendry
William Stryker
CIA Director McCone
US General
1st German /Pig Farmer
2nd German /Tailor
Russian Soldier No 1
Russian Soldier No 2
Russian General (as Rade Sherbedgia)
Secretary of State
Political Officer
Soviet Captain
Soviet Fire Control
Soviet Radioman
Soviet NCO
Swiss Receptionist
Swiss Bank Manager
Edie Lensherr
Airport Worker
Coast Guard
US Fire Control Officer
Dr Leigh
Junior Agent
Weasley Agent
Little Boy
Teenage Girl
Communications Officer
Captain (as M Ironside)
Lt Commander (as Veniamin Manzyuk)
Man In Black Suit Agent
Man In Black Suit Agent
Storm Trooper No 1
Storm Trooper No 2
German Bartender
Russian Chopper Pilot
Russian General's Bodyguard 1
Russian General's Bodyguard 2
Mr Lensherr (Erik's Dad)
Aral Sea Captain
Hellfire Club Patron (uncredited)
Passerby (uncredited)
Stalin's Elite Bodyguard (uncredited)
Hellfire Highroller (uncredited)
News Voice (uncredited)
CIA Analyst (uncredited)
Porter (uncredited)
Lingerie Model (uncredited)
Refugee (uncredited)
MIB Agent (uncredited)
Oxford Student (uncredited)
Prison Guard (uncredited)
Extra (uncredited)
Russian Airforce General (uncredited)
Small Child (uncredited)
1980's Croupier (uncredited)
German Soldier (uncredited)
Prisoner (uncredited)
Petty Officer (uncredited)
Ensign (uncredited)
USS Independence Crew (uncredited)
Cuban (uncredited)
Oxford Student (uncredited)
Russian Air Force General (uncredited)
Helfire Club Patron (uncredited)
Leonid Brezhnev (uncredited)
Jew (uncredited)
Logan /Wolverine (uncredited)
CIA Agent (uncredited)
Russian Secretary (uncredited)
General Bodyguard (uncredited)
Lingerie Model (uncredited)
Mother at Auschwitz (uncredited)
Nazi Soldier (uncredited)
Lingerie Girl (uncredited)
Cuban General #1 (uncredited)
Hostess (uncredited)
John F Kennedy (voice) (uncredited)
Airport Passenger (uncredited)
Night Club Punter /Traveler (uncredited)
Go Go Dancer (uncredited)
Young Erik Lensherr (archive footage) (uncredited)
Tourist (uncredited)
Russian Soldier (uncredited)
Oxford Student (uncredited)
Hellfire Girl (uncredited)
Banshee (screams) (voice) (uncredited)
CIA Agent (uncredited)
Mystique - Older (uncredited)
USS Independence Crew (uncredited)
Russian Sailor (uncredited)
60's Dancer (uncredited)
Girl (uncredited)
SS Guard (uncredited)
X-Men  Le Commencement

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