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Filmography from Xan Das Bolas

Filmography from : Xan Das Bolas

Actor :

Condenados a vivir, Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent (as Joaquin Romero Marchent), 1972
A wagon load of convicts on their way to prison is being escorted through the mountains by a cavalry troop. They are attacked by a bandit gang, and only a sergeant, his beautiful young daughter and an assortment of seven sadistic, murderous prisoners survive, and they are left without horses or a wagon. The sergeant must find a way to get his prisoners to their destination while protecting his daughter, watching out for the still pursuing...

Murders in the Rue Morgue, Gordon Hessler, 1971
LOVE and MURDER are the two consuming passions of the Rue Morgue!...

Agente Logan - missione Ypotron, Giorgio Stegani (as George Finley), 1966
Doctor Morrow, a scientist who works for NASA, has mysteriously disappeared and the agent Lemmy Logan is in charge of the case....