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Filmography from Yoko Chosokabe

Filmography from : Yoko Chosokabe

Actor :

Kyôfu, Hiroshi Takahashi, 2010
Dr. Hattori and her husband watch footage of brain surgery experiments with Manchurian, Russian and Japanese guinea pigs that had been found in the basement of a wrecked hospital. Out of the blue, there is a white light and when they look back, they see they children Ota Miyuki and Kaori staring at the light. Years later, Miyuki vanishes from the Tama Medical University Hospital and her sister Kaori, Miyuki's boyfriend Motojima and detective...

The Grudge 2, Takashi Shimizu, 2006

Sakebi, Kiyoshi Kurosawa, 2006
A detective investigates a series of murders. A possible serial killer might be on a rampage, since they all are in the same vicinity and by the same method, but as the evidence points toward the detective as the prime suspect, a ghost in red follows him, and he begins to question his identity. His realization of what seems to have really happened results in something much more sinister and larger in scope, and it leaves his psyche scarred....

Ringu 2, Hideo Nakata, 1999