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Filmography from Yui Kaneko

Filmography from : Yui Kaneko

Actor :

Real, Kiyoshi Kurosawa, 2013
Koichi (Sato) and Atsumi (Ayase) are childhood friends who have become lovers. Despite this closeness when Atsumi attempts suicide Koichi is at a loss to understand the circumstances that drove her to do such a thing. Now she is in a coma and Koichi needs to find out the reason. Since Koichi is a neurosurgeon he has access to the latest studies and so he takes part in a medical procedure that will allow him to enter Atsumi's subconscious....

Au-delà du sang, Guillaume Tauveron, 2012
One year after the unresolved murder of his wife, Shinji receives a mysterious message putting him on track of the assassin. He follows his revenge instinct and disappears into the darkness of Tokyo where he meets a young woman on the lam. During that night, they come across yakuza and lost souls, and their lives change dramatically....