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Ad Astra

AD ASTRA (2019)

An Army Corps engineer searches across the galaxy for his father, who disappeared on a mission to find alien life 20 years prior.

Original Title : AD ASTRA
Director(s) :
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : [Adventure
Year : 2019French Release : 2019-09-18US Release : 2019-09-18
Actors :
Roy McBride
H Clifford McBride
Helen Lantos
Thomas Pruitt
Lorraine Deavers
Donald Stanford
Captain Lawrence Tanner
Willie Levant
Franklin Yoshida
Adjutant General Vogel
Brigadier General Stroud
Lieutenant General Rivas
Captain Lu
Female Flight Attendant
Arjun Dhariwal
Woman in White Pants /Shirt
Sal (as Daniel S Sauli)
Sergeant Romano
Technician One
Chip Garnes
Janice Collins
Female Team Member (as Sasha Compere)
Male Team Member
Woman on Screen (as Alexandria Rousset)
Tanya Pincus
Spacecom Employee (as Zoro Manuel Daghlian)
Young Roy
Cepheus (voice)
Mechanic (uncredited)
Hector Bustamante (uncredited)
Robert (uncredited)
Earth Scientist (uncredited)
Mars Officer Daniels (uncredited)
The Singing Face (uncredited)
Jim (uncredited)
Ship Med Tech (uncredited)
Evelyn McBride (uncredited)
Rory Flynn (uncredited)
Asian Male Host (uncredited)
Paramedic (uncredited)
Dancer (uncredited)
Hip Japanese Traveler (uncredited)
Drug Addict (uncredited)
Spacecom Employee (uncredited)
Hip Japanese Traveler (uncredited)
Shunga Hologram (uncredited)
Capt Devries (uncredited)
Hologram Dancer (uncredited)
American Astronaut (uncredited)
Russian Astronaut (uncredited)
Lt Nash (uncredited)
BBC News Reporter (uncredited)
Moon TV Guest #1 (uncredited)
Shunga Hologram (uncredited)
Military Medic (uncredited)
Grace (uncredited)
Lunar Medic /Military (uncredited)
Lunar Base Technician (uncredited)

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