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Filmography from Andy Bale

Filmography from : Andy Bale

Actor :

Spider-Man 2, Sam Raimi, 2004
Peter Parker is an unhappy man: after two years of fighting crime as Spider-Man, his life has begun to fall apart. The girl he loves is engaged to someone else, his grades are slipping, he cannot keep any of his jobs, and on top of it, the newspaper Daily Bugle is attacking him viciously, claiming that Spider-Man is a criminal. He reaches the breaking point and gives up the crime fighter's life, once and for all. But after a failed fusion...

L'armée des ténèbres - Evil Dead III, Sam Raimi, 1992

Darkman, Sam Raimi, 1990
A hideously scarred and mentally unstable scientist seeks revenge against the crooks who made him like that. ...