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Filmography from Chloe Martin

Filmography from : Chloe Martin

Actor :

L'heure de la sortie, Sébastien Marnier, 2018
When Pierre Hoffman integrates the prestigious College St Joseph, it finds among 3th 1 of strange behavior, a hostility diffuse, a deaf violence. Is it because their professor of French has just to throw by the window in full-course? Because they are a class pilot of gifted children and therefore harassed by other students? Because they have lost all hope in the future of the world?...

Demon Under Glass, Jon Cunningham, 2002
Following a string of bloody murders a creature of myth and legend, a real Vampire, is injured and captured by a mysterious secret military unit, imprisoned in a high security medical centre and then subjected to horrific and brutal medical experiments in an attempt to discover the source of his power. As the medical experiments become viler and more gruesome, the project’s Doctor becomes torn between sympathy for the patient’s suffering and...